Gonna Get Offended

It's the Internet. You're gonna get offended.

There will always be someone to find that has a difference of opinion than you.


You just cannot align with everyone’s opinion all the time.

So how do you handle life when conflicting viewpoints come your way?

18 month cycles

Don't Worry! This Happens Every Year (For Eighteen Months)

Ever get that feeling that it’s just that same crazy train all over again? Or as some might say; Same shit, different day.

We’ve all been feeling it. Every year there is something new that sparks division amongst the population.

Share this meme with someone you have this type of cycle with! The constant sibling rivalry. The parent you force yourself to tolerate.

Reassure yourself that this happens every year and should only last at least 18 months. 😉

Oxytocin: My favorite high

What is oxytocin and how to get more?

Psychology Today describes how Oxytocin modulates the human “tend and defend” response. Regarding the caring side of humans it helps to build and maintain social bonds, while the defensive side is associated with prejudice toward unfamiliar groups.

Oxytocin plays a huge role in bonding with others in our life. Recommended dosage of hugs: 8 hugs at about 20 seconds long. Some may even claim that that is too much time to dedicate in a day towards hugging.

Soak in a hot tub and enjoy quality time with others. Be sure to listen with your eyes. And love every moment spent with the ones you love.

Here is the (un)official soundtrack for 2020 and the stay at home order:

Reality is based on your perception.

It’s amazing to see how people react to their perception of reality. The truth really isn’t one definitive truth. When we experience an event the truth of that experience happens only in that one moment in time. And anything that any participants may take away from that experience will become their version of the truth.

Why is that?

Since we all experience life as unique individuals we develop our filters and have our own ideals of what life should look like. How we navigate the environment depends on how we have experienced life previously. Too many factors play in to how we react. Too many factors play in to how others react to us.

Pops always warned us when growing up that Reality is based on your Perception. Initially he wanted to teach us this concept through our own parents. They both differed very much. He was raised in Southern California and she in South Korea. There were always clear differences in their view points. Because of it, there was a lot of discomfort in the home. The difference between the two? She had to have her truth and only her truth and he would just let things go.

Reality is based on your perception.

Authoritarian Ruling from our parents. (And their version of reality)

“My way or the highway” is an attitude that is rather predominant in our society. And it makes sense with how many of us were raised in an Authoritarian ruling from our parents. (Or in my case, at least one parent.) I always consider the possibility that when people get upset at my views that I am trying to express and they try to shut me down and make me conform to their viewpoint …. it’s just their inner child reacting because they were never allowed their own autonomy as a child.

And then my inner child reacts back. Because I too was not respected enough as a child to experience life and develop my own views on it.

I had someone I used to respect tell me (after antagonizing my husband online) that “…questioning reality is a ridiculous thing to say because reality is by definition, reality.”

My opinion on that? Always question reality…. Because if you don’t…. Then you are a broken little 2 year old that Mommy and Daddy didn’t allow autonomy.

That’s what we do the moment we are born. Push the limitations of what is real or not. Find out what our definition of reality really is. And it’s up to our parents to either help us figure it out or press their version of what reality is on to us.

So I will leave this last meme in addition to the current one:

It's the Internet. You're gonna get offended.

Always do your due diligence and research and form your own opinion of what reality is.

What is your truth? And how can you express yourself easily without triggering others in to bringing the Facebook lynch mob to your post?

Death is the meaning of Life

Death means so many things to different people. Pops would always be pointing out that you shouldn’t take things too seriously. And the ultimate point of it all is that Death was the meaning of life.

There is no avoiding it.

So just accept it and move on with life. Enjoy life and its smallest pleasures. We shouldn’t focus on the end game because it’s inevitable.

RIP Pops aka Butch (Floyd) Loew. 1949-2019

You Live, You Die, You Fertilize

So matter of fact. Pops would always like to remind us that life is short lived. “You live, you die, you fertilize” he would always remind us.

Just in case we needed the reminder.

What reminds you that life is short and we shouldn’t sweat the small shit?

Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t

Every night we have our routine: Storytime, snuggles, then signing off for the night. Lately our eldest has been begging me to sleep in bed with her.

And tonight I actually fell asleep while snuggling them. And she very well could have let me sleep till morning….

Instead she proceeds to YANK THE PILLOW from under my head!

ok kid. Got the message. #gtfo …. Rodger Dodger, over and out.

Tell me when you were damned if you do or damned if you don’t….. I want to hear your humor about it all!

parenting and still #lovinglife

Parenthood can be hilarious sometimes.

This totally reminded me of Pops and how he would tell us, “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!”

Laughter is the best medicine

Share some words of wisdom you have learned from someone in your life!

A wise man told me... Laughter is the best medicine
Laughter is the best medicine

Tell us a story about someone you look up to. Did they have any special sayings that they would often say?

Our Pops had some good ones! What Inspiring Quotes do you keep in your meme catalog?

share this with someone who you think has a gem to share with us!