Still Sucking Oxygen

What’s in your meme catalog?

Everyone has at least one somebody. (Share about your hero!)

You know the person. They have impressed upon so many things into your core being that you find their words coming out of your mouth at the perfect, and sometimes not so perfect, opportunities?

Pops was someone who shared a lot of his “age old wisdoms” with anyone willing to listen. And if you hung around him often enough you found some of his sayings start to become your own.

How this all started

When someone asked me the other day how I was doing with all these covid-19 pandemic changes going on and I responded matter of factly, “Still sucking oxygen.” A response Pops used to give often with a nod and a wink.

That’s when it struck me to start on this project for Pops. Follow us here and on Social Media as the whole story unfolds.

A Wise Man once said

This website will be dedicated to the wisdoms of our ancestors.

Who is (was) your hero and what did they teach you?